What drives me absolutely insane! Black Markie on Vintage Clothing

You've trolled the thrift shops for what feels like half your lifespan and finally found that vintage dress or coat you've been lusting for forever and when you take it off the hanger, there's the price, written right on the fabric in big, bold ugly permanent black marker. 

And that's not enough. They go and underline it. Hello? Am I blind?
This sends me into a vein-popping fit!
I'm in a particular blue funk over this one right now due to the fact that I found a beautiful vintage 30sJean Harlow style bias cut gown in a beautiful soft (and fragile!) peach silk charmeuse while thrifting and there it is.....the price written on the inside back neck in dreaded Black Markie !
I've done a ton of stain removal in the past, but no way, no how am I touching 1930s silk!  The fabrics aren't color-fast for one thing.  I'm currently experimenting with a 1980s Victoria Secret long chemise nightie made of polyester and at least the marker is only on the label.  I'm working with Oxalic Acid which is an organic crystalline compound that is good for removing rust and other stains, but it's highly toxic so use gloves if you're tempted to give it a go.
I disolved a teaspoon in a pint jar...temporarily removed the label, (which I ordinarily frown on, but desperate means drives the devil) and put it in the jar to soak overnight.  It didn't remove the markings completely, but lightened it to a very pale grey.
So me and my little chemise will have to live with the ghost of markies past, but it's a good deal better than the glaring black that all but obliterated the Victoria's Secret name!