Vintage Magazine Ads

These are from my vintage magazines I've collected over the years.  Yikes!  Counting back it's 25 years.  More like decades.  I've not only accumulated magazines-I've accumulated the years.
Kisses to my friend that showed up on my doorstep with a stack of old 'Screen Stars/Modern Screen mags from the 1940s.  She said her neighbor was cleaning out her attic and thought I might want them.  After I wiped the drool off my face, she said...'okay Pavlov...don't snatch...sit down and play nice'.  She doesn't bother calling in  advance anymore.  after the hundredth time of  'you need to ask?' she just hauls other people's junk/treasure over to my house.
I'm the local repository.
Here's one of my faves:  an old Jane Wyman from when she was a young and hot babe~

This is from a November 1939 issue of 'Personal Romances'  And here's her inside cover shot:

I will be loading more images soon ~ I not the most organized person in the world, but I'd like to share some of the really cool ads in these mags.  There are also some good retro images of the 'latest' in kitchen styles that will make you smile!