Health and Beauty Tips


 Quick and Easy Hot Oil Treatments For Dry Hair


The quickest way to tame those scare-making frizzies is right there in your kitchen.  Just grab that bottle of olive oil; pour about a teaspoon in the palm of your hands, rub together and run you hands through your hair.  Then go sit out in the sun for a while on a lounge for some down time and let the heat do the job naturally.
Those dry ends just slurp it right up.

I'm in the water practically every day in the summer, whether it's swimming or kayaking on the lake, so my hair really takes a beating.  After I do my olive oil treatment I just dive in the water then after I dry hair feels nice and silky.

My mother told me once that her grandmother (my great granny) used to rub olive oil into the roots of her hair and said that it kept her hair thick and shiny.

The big bonus is it's healthy and chemical free!

When you're on the go and crunched for time just pop a small bottle with your fav conditioner in your purse....I save those mini shampoo bottles from hotels and after they're empy; I fill them with conditioner.
Rushed for a quick luncheon date on a windy day?  Just put a dab on your hands, rub em together and sleek you hair down to tame those fly-a-ways.  And it smells so nice and fresh ~
It always gives me boost when I need it!!


How To Sooth The Pain From A Jellyfish Sting

For your next jaunt to the beach; fill a plastic bottle of apple cidar vinegar (save a small mineral water bottle for re-use) and toss it in your tote before you head for the waves.  It's a very old home remedy for that searing pain when you get stung by a jellyfish while taking a dip in the ocean.  Quickly douse the affected area with the vinegar and it starts to soothe the burning sensation.  Vinegar is great for a lot of minor emergencies.  It cheaper that expensive creams and a whole lot better for you!

Quick Remedy For Toothache
I was in a Walmart the other day looking for a vacuum cleaner and the lady that was helping me was in such pain from toothache she could barely talk.  I told to go over to the Pharmacy and get some clove oil to rub on the tooth/gum area.  It's sold in a small glass vial, relatively inexpensive works a lot quicker than Oragel.  Just put a little on a q-tip and rub it on the source of the pain.  Use it very sparingly, though.  You don't need much to do the job.  A little heads up will numb your tongue.  Just shows you how effective it is as a pain reliever!