Vintage Crochet Pattern - 'The Rosey Chenille Vest'

My aunt taught me to crochet when I was a child, but I was a little intimidated when I watched her knitting a coat.  Yes.  A full length coat.  I loved the look of cable knit but couldn't quite get the hang of it.  So, years later when I was well into my teens I got really excited when I saw this pattern featured in a Woman's Day (?) magazine. I not sure since I only kept the pattern. 
It was done in a variety of crochet stitches to resemble a knitted design; it was right up my alley.
The description reads:

The Rosy Chenille Vest
The shawl collar and dropped shoulders of our little vest are only part of its charm.  What about the velvety chenille?  The luscious color?  The chevrons and popcorns and other pretty surface effects?  You'll love this wonderfully challenging crochet that combines a variety of stitches.  
A Linda Osborne Blood design in Unger's acrylic Chenille De Luxe yarn.  

My mother also fell in love with the look and as she never learned to crochet, I made one for her in a different color.  One of the popular yarns at that time was Caron 'Dazzle Aire' which had a frosty sparkle to it.  Very pretty.
I couldn't wait to get started.  I picked out some off white for myself and mom's favorite 'Rust' and went to work.  One thing about this pattern though; it does run a good bit smaller.  I did both vests in size Large (the largest size option) and they fit more like a Medium.  It could be because the crochet stitches are bulky, so I would recommend crocheting as loosely as possible with very little tension on the yarn.

 I still have both vests and here are some photos of mom's below.

The wide, see-through section at the waist area was done in a crossover stitch.

 Now you must remember...a lot of what we were crocheting in the 70s was ripple pattern and granny squares, so we were coming off of that mod influence.  To today's talented crafters this may look like child's play, but it was pretty innovative to us!
I'm hoping to find the time to transcribe the pattern so that others can enjoy this beautiful vest, so hopefully you'll see an update in the future!