Susan Hayward - Hollywood Bombshell

Photo Restored by Covet and Love it Vintage

I love vintage sequined gowns and this one teases the heck out of me.
This color publicity photo shows Susan Hayward wearing a teal green sequin and beaded evening dress.
She's reclining on a chenille couch but it's only a torso shot.  I would love to find a full length shot of her in this beautiful dress.
Knowing the types of gowns she wore in photo shoots, I'm sure it would be stunning.  For now, I can only speculate if the hem was fully flared a la Ginger Rogers dance style or a figure hugging bombshell wiggle look.
The photo was badly torn when someone carelessly ripped it from the magazine and it took quite a bit of work to edit out the tears after scanning it.
As I said, I would love to find a full length picture of Susan in this gown showing more detail, but so far I've not had any luck searching the internet. 
Until then ~  thank, you Susan for your wonderful movies and the memories of your elegance and style.