How To Keep Jalapeno Hot Peppers From Burning Your Hands

A quick cooking tip for Holiday Parties:

We love Jalapeno 'Poppers' stuffed with sausage, shredded mozzarella and cream cheese, but hot peppers cause some serious grief when you have to cut a bunch of them.
I've found that rubbing some olive oil on your hands before you start to prepare the peppers creates a barrier on the skin that prevents the heat from being absorbed.  The trick is keep any of the juice from penetrating the skin in the first place.
And it lasts throughout the process of stuffing and rinsing your hands multiple times as you work with different ingredients.
When you're finished handling those hot little devils and want to get rid of any oily feeling, just rub a dab of shampoo on your hands to remove any remaining residue; lather, rinse, repeat and you're ready to enjoy this yummy dish without the misery!