Vintage 70s Fashions Rewind The 1940s with their Lovely Tea Length Dresses

The 1970s was a decade of pure romance.  There were so many different styles from past decades to choose from, but some of my favorites were influenced by the fashions of the 40s.

This dress is so similar to the one Joan Fontaine wore in the movie Rebecca where she's being hounded to death by Mrs. Danvers.  One of my favorite black and white movies that I've watched countless times, but, honestly some gumption!   Although Rebecca was on the cusp of the 40s since it was filmed in 1940, you can see the full, floaty feminity of the decade to come.

Hiding out in my vintage closet is my favorite version of the harried Mrs. DeWinter.
Made of a lovely off-white faille with a scattering of subtle hued floral bouquets that have that 40s fabric look written all over it.

Vintage dresses from the 1970s make a fabulous fashion statement and are just perfect if you are attending a spring or summer garden wedding.