Vintage 80s Punk / New Wave Style Jackets

I will be putting some new items in my store as soon as I can.
I ran across some fabulous crazy 80s jackets in that wonderful crinkly & iridescent windbreaker fabric.  These are very colorful items.  
I loved the 1980's with their over-the-top fashions.  We literally didn't give a rat's rear what anyone else thought of what we wore.  And the colors just popped *O*
Here's a little preview:

1980s punk new wave jacket turquoise blue metallic iridescent
This jacket has the most wonderful lattice 'windows' made of a sheer fabric similar to a nylon organza-don't be seems like a tough fabric.  And it shimmers with different colors as it catches the light.

And this next jacket is a wonderful, rich electric purple.  I was getting very frustrated with the photos not showing up the exact color.  They want to lean a little on the blue side - but trust's PurPle!!

vintage 80s windbreaker jacket

I would love to keep that turquoise jacket, but, I don't know.  The purple is kinda edgy.  What do you think?
(face-plant on keyboard)  WoW!  What's a girl to do?