The Movie 'Annie Hall's Impact on 1970s Fashion

1970s fashion was an absolute ball.  Movies were a driving factor in the fashion world and it was the age of romanticism.  The 1930s look was hot and even criminals like Bonnie and Clyde were romanticized.
We loved Faye Dunaway's duds, but it was Diane Keaton's slouchy man clothes that took the fashion world by storm and we loved wearing those comfy, baggy pants topped with a fitted vest.
In the mid part of the 1970s I wore a lot of floaty, feminine voile in floral prints so maybe the man tailoring was a bit of an antidote for me and I went from one fashion extreme to another! 

The super wide men's ties of the 70s completed the look.  I still have some of the hubster's ties from the era and once in a while get a bug and put one on my manni for a nostalgia kick.  Those old ties make a nice alternative to a necklace or scarf.
This pattern was more of a modified Annie Hall look, but the fitted jacket was so sweet and flattering I made them in four different versions.  One was a kelly green crepe with white collar and sleeve cuffs for an Alice's Restaurant look.
The short sleeves had a separate piece that made this possible instead of just turning up the edge and tacking it in place.
Instead of the slacks; I made a mini skirt in the same green and it made a great pairing for office wear.
The pants weren't all that comfortable...for me at least.  Something about the way the front zipper was set into the seam without any allowance for a wide zipper flap made it tend to pull a little in the crotch.  Still, it made for a cleaner line and I just adored those wide, wide cuffed trousers!
I made the pants in 1976 out of an ivory sateen and wore them when my future hubby took me to meet his mother.