Blue Jean Baby

This is one of my favorite jean jackets in my collection.  It's a Susan Bristol and it's super warm.  I love the colorful contrast of the woven indian blanket inspired sleeves and the embroidered southwestern design.

The Susan Bristol Company was founded in 1970.
This jacket is from the early 90s Grunge era when we were all running around in flannel shirts...the holier-the better. 
The label on this jacket is dated 1993.

I've researched this jacket pretty well and can't come up with anything similar-the sleeves are so striking with the denim that at first glance; one may think it's upcycled, but it's not.
Susan Bristol's denim jackets lean towards the Southwestern style, but some are patched and embroidered and remind me of one I had in the early 70s.  Any blank spot on that jacket ended up filled with flowers, butterflies & peace signs.  I wore it until it was threadbare and I think it was the patches that held it together.
Oh, well....all things eventually end and this jacket will now go into my store in search of new memories with it's next owner.

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